Sample Post With StaticMan Comments

This is a demo of comments done using Staticman

To see it in action, please click on the title Sample Post With StaticMan Comments

If you post a comment using the form below, it will be automatically saved in GitHub here and then, after a few seconds, Netlify will pick up the change and rebuild and redeploy the site.

In the Nikola site, there is a special post.tmpl that will pick up that data and display the comments in the right places.

Neat, right?

Comments (with optional moderation), I keep all the data (including the comments) in Git, no lockin whatsoever!

Thanks Netlify and Staticman for an awesome job!

PD: There will be a description of how all the magic happens in a few days, but here's the code if you want to start guessing, and here's how the automatic rebuild happens